What is Greenhouse?

Greenhouse specifically focuses on providing a technology solution for the recruitment stages of the employee lifecycle. The current talent shortage has only placed more importance on companies’ recruitment processes. Now more than ever organizations must focus on attracting, sourcing, and recruiting top talent.

Founded in 2012, Greenhouse’s mission has been to help companies become great at hiring. They aim to makeshift the responsibility of recruitment to everyone in the organization, not just HR. To do this, Greenhouse created a unique recruitment SaaS product with a robust product offering.

Which HR functions does Greenhouse Support?

Since Greenhouse is a recruitment SaaS provider, the company supports those HR functions related to recruitment. The product is broken into five key areas which are recruitment, inclusion, onboarding, CRM, and events app.

What Makes It Unique?

The company’s focus on diversity and inclusion makes it a unique addition to any suite of HR systems. Greenhouse strives to create collaborative environments for its employees where they feel comfortable to be their authentic selves. They value belonging and want an environment where diverse perspectives can thrive.

Greenhouse values diversity and inclusion so much, that they built their product around it. An entire module of the recruitment software is dedicated to supporting the efforts of creating an inclusively diverse workforce. The module helps HR and business leaders mitigate bias, evaluate candidates consistently, and identify problem areas and measures of success.

What HR Metrics Can You Track With Zenefits?

The recruitment stage alone can have a laundry list of HR metrics, but with Greenhouse, there’s plenty more to analyze. Here are just a few HR metrics to support each product area

Our Greenhouse integration means that our HR dashboard easily connects to your human resources management system (HRMS). The HR metrics tool will automatically pull in the data from the HRMS and calculate the metrics you need. Our Greenhouse integration opens the door for eye-catching visualizations to easily tell the story behind the data.

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