What is Sapling?

Sapling provides a cloud-based HR software to be the system of record for all employee data. Based out of San Francisco, Sapling focuses on providing a product that supports the needs of fast-growing midsized companies. Those are organizations with headcounts anywhere from 50 to a few thousand employees. Automation is a big factor in the software’s offerings as their product is built for People Ops teams. They use the new-age tech to streamline workflows and other HR processes throughout the employee lifecycle.

Which HR functions does Sapling Support?

To meet the needs of its customers, Sapling provides two distinct areas within its system. Sapling’s primary module is for core HR functions that support custom workflows, time-off requests, org charts, and data reporting and metrics. It also provides robust onboarding solutions that can be curated by job or location.

What Makes It Unique?

Sapling wants your HR job to be as easy as possible by leveraging technology. Automation a big part of that but so are their integrations. They make sure it’s easy to integrate various HR systems to manage other HR functions like recruitment, payroll, and benefits. So they can make sure their product provides the best solution for your core HR employee data.

The most unique integration (besides the integration with our own dashboard), is with G Suite. New hires can easily be given network credentials within the onboarding process. HR reports can automatically dump into Google Sheets. While tasks and appointments can be directly added to calendars. No extra emails or calendar reminders.

What HR Metrics Can You Track With Sapling?

Even with just two modules, there’s still a lot of data to analyze. Here are just a few HR metrics to support each software offering

Our Sapling integration means that our HR dashboard easily connects to your human resources management system (HRMS). Our HR metrics tool will automatically pull in the data from the HRMS and calculate the metrics you need. Our Sapling integration opens the door for eye-catching visualizations to easily tell the story behind the data.

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