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The Employee Cycle Podcast for HR Leaders
The Employee Cycle Podcast for HR Leaders
Aligning Ambition with Culture: Attracting Talent for the Right Reasons
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Listen to conversations with today’s HR leaders about current HR trends, HR technology, and HR analytics during The Employee Cycle podcast. We’re building a community of HR executives, consultants, and tech vendors looking to make HR more data-driven and have real conversations about what’s happening in the world of HR.

Bruce Marable, Employee Cycle Co-Founder

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Bruce Marable is the co-founder and CEO of Employee Cycle, a people dashboard company that automates HR reporting and analytics. When Bruce is not helping HR executives better understand the story behind their workforce data, he’s serving as Board Chair of the non-profit youth coding program Coded By Kids, making fun playlists on Spotify, and hunting down the best bread pudding in whichever city he’s in.

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