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Sharing is Caring in HR

Sharing HR data used to be a challenging task. How do you ensure that the information is secure? Will someone else see the HR information that shouldn’t? Using Employee Cycle means that every HR professional has a unified HR analytics platform that makes creating and sharing customized reporting and information dashboards as easy as one, two, three.

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Step 1: Connect Your HR Platforms

In just a few clicks, connect all of your HR systems to Employee Cycle to pull all your HR metrics into one HR analytics dashboard

Step 1: Connect Your HR Platforms

In just a few clicks, connect all of your HR data dashboards to Employee Cycle to instantly unify your HR employee and organizational data

Step 2: Customize Your Dashboard

Pull the data that matters to your organization from any connected source to create a customized dashboard for any department or team member. Create it from scratch, or use a number of our dashboard templates, such as for Recruiting, Diversity, Financial, Board of Directors, or Investor

Step 3: Share Your HR Data

Leverage Employee Cycle’s protected sharing feature to securely share your report or dashboard with any team member at any time

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