HR Metrics and KPIs That Matter

Responsible HR leadership and reporting means that HR metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) are front and center.

The Most Important HR Metrics and KPIs to Keep Track of

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employees by gender
employees by gender over time
employees by generation
employees by ethnicity
employees by department by gender
employees by level by gender
employees by level by diversity
employees by level by age

glassdoor rating trends
glassdoor overall rating
glassdoor CEO approval rating
glassdoor recommendation to a friend rating
glassdoor # or reviews

ENPS (employer net promoter score)
response rate (% of employees participating)
# of questions in survey
engagement score
employee engagement scores by department

employee headcount
employee by status
employees headcount (trending)
employees by level
employees by location
employees by department
average PTO / absent days
average PTO / absent days by department

average performance rating
average performance rating by department
problem employee rate
percentage of employees meeting goals

work anniversaries

# of open jobs
number of recent hires (time stamp / trending)
speed by hire
hiring funnel
applicants by source

average tenure
tenure by department
tenure by age
tenure by ethnicity
# of total promotions
# of promotions by department
# of promotions by location
# of departures in total
# of departures over time
# of departures by department
# of departures by level
# of departures by location
# of employees by tenure cohorts (ex: “< 1year”, 1-3 years, 3-5 years, > 5 years)

overall turnover rate
annualized turnover data
1st year turnover (YoY)
turnover by gender
turnover by ethnicity
turnover by age
turnover by level
turnover (voluntary versus involuntary)
turnover cost
turnover cost projected annually

Visualize YouR HR MetricS AND KPIS With Employee Cycle

Create custom HR dashboards that help you visualize your HR metrics and employee data how you want it

Bar Chart

Bar charts are a popular data visualization used to display data

Pie Chart

A circular chart divided into sectors which is proportional to the quantity it represents, such as with diversity metrics

Side-by-Side Bar Chart

These charts are a popular data visualization used to compare data, such as gender by employees

Line Chart

Data is displayed in a meaningful way using line charts, such as with employee headcount trends

Funnel Series

A type of chart often used to visualize stages across the hiring funnel, where the top are the initial stages with most applicants. The funnels narrow as applicants drop off

Details List

Details are expandable within many of the metrics to make it easy to view or download as spreadsheets. For example, you can see the employees that make up the numbers


Simple list-view data used to display data, such as employees by location


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are utilized in the HR dashboard


A graphical representation of the HR data distribution over time, such as with FT employees hired per year

Box Plot

A box plot is a convenient way of depicting groups of data through their five-number summaries


Filters are directly included within some of the metrics to make it easy to apply different data perspectives, such as 30 Days, 60 Days, 90 Days, and Year to Date

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But what’s been beautiful about Employee Cycle is that they’ve actually provided me with the data and the research that I need to show our executive team to demonstrate that what we’re asking for will enable the business to grow.

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