What is 15Five?

15Five is not your average HR system. Its foundation came from a founder who was hyper-focused on giving and receiving feedback. David Hassell frequently solicited ideas and feedback from employees and peers. He then connected with Brad Oberwager who was utilizing a communication process called 15/5 at his business. Hassell used that information to create 15Five to be an effective feedback system for employees and business leaders. 

Which HR functions does it support?

The main purpose of the 15Five system is to be a continuous performance management suite. It also provides opportunities for employees to recognize each other and provide easy ways for leaders to check in on their teams, regardless of their physical location. 

15Five software product is broken into five keys areas. Those modules include Weekly Checkin-ins, 1-on-1’s, Objectives, Best-Self Review, and High Fives. Each area is inspired by the latest Positive Psychology and Positive Organizational Scholarship research. 

What makes 15Five unique?

It puts more emphasis on real-time, frequent feedback and moves away from the traditional annual performance review process. Real-time feedback makes performance management more about coaching employees to be their best selves. 15Five wants to support people in living great lives, not just in how they’re doing their work. 

Additionally, they’ve made it easy to complete 360-degree reviews through their tool, The Best-Self Review. It aggregates a multitude of data, including recognition, win, challenges, and progress on objectives, to get a full and objective view of the employee’s performance. Then the manager can request feedback from peers and direct reports. 

Which HR metrics can you track with 15Five?

Since 15Five is focused on the performance stage of the employee lifecycle, HR metrics will be limited in their scope. You can look at average performance scores to see how the workforce is performing overall. Also, look at what the most common challenges are to identify places where development or processes can be improved. Measuring high fives can help to identify future leaders as they are recognized by their peers as contributors. 

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