HR Dashboard

You have questions as a busy HR leader, and we have answers! Some of these may include the following. What is an HR dashboard? What is included in an HR dashboard? How do I create an HR dashboard? What should a monthly HR report include? Why do we need HR Dashboards?

Let’s jump into it. In short, an HR dashboard is a single source of truth for your HR data. It’s a visual display of key performance indicators (KPI) and HR metrics that give an overview of the current situation and quickly understand essential facts. HR dashboards show how things are going in business and with your employees. Dashboards help identify and measure what’s working and not and provide an early warning system for management. In HR, people analytics are more critical than ever for a thriving workforce. We strive to answer questions and give tips for HR managers around how to create an HR dashboard, why we need an HR dashboard for management, and the benefits of dashboards for HR and People Management professionals.

Scroll down to see more about the human resources metrics to find out what should be included in an HR dashboard, discover implementation best practices to create your dashboard, and HR analytics and reporting automation using the Employee Cycle HR dashboard solution. Employee Cycle is a powerful HR analytics dashboard solution that is easy to get up and running in minutes. Discover more about our HR analytics and data visualization software and read about features here.