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We offer four partner tiers, each tailored to match your level of engagement and commitment:

Integration Partners

Join as an Integration Partner and offer Employee Cycle’s HR analytics solution to enhance your platform’s value for HR professionals. Empower users with seamless data management and optimized HR processes.

Referral Partners

As a Referral Partner, you’ll advocate for Employee Cycle’s transformative HR analytics platform, empowering businesses to make data-driven HR decisions while earning valuable commissions.

Channel Partners

Seamlessly integrate Employee Cycle into your HR technology stack or service offering and enhance your value with our powerful analytics platform.

Co-Marketing Partners

Collaborate on marketing initiatives, host webinars, and create content to jointly promote our partnership.

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HR Software Companies

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HR Consultants & advocates

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Employee Cycle Resellers 

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HR Data enthusiasts & advocates

Integration Partners

Our platform, your business

Revolutionizing HR Tech: Join Our Integration Partner Program

Welcome to our Marketplace Partner Program, where you can become an integral part of our ever-expanding community of HR systems and software providers. By joining forces with us, you gain access to a direct API integration with Employee Cycle, opening up a world of possibilities for seamless data exchange and enhanced functionalities.

Referral Partners

Empower HR Insights: Join Our Referral Partnership Program

embark on a rewarding journey of earnings. Join us now and start reaping the benefits!

Employee Cycles Referral Partnership offers a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with our cutting-edge HR platform. By becoming a referral partner, you can effortlessly recommend Employee Cycle to your network while earning attractive rewards for each successful referral. Join us in revolutionizing HR processes and empowering organizations with the insights they need for smarter, data-driven decisions.

Channel Partners

Start Scaling Your Business

Unleash Potential: Employee Cycles Channel Partner Program

Employee Cycles Channel Partner Program offers a comprehensive opportunity for businesses to collaborate and integrate their solutions seamlessly with our HR platform. By joining as a channel partner, you can tap into our extensive customer base and gain access to valuable resources, training, and support to maximize your success. Together, we can revolutionize the HR industry and deliver unparalleled value to organizations worldwide.

Co-marketing Partners

Elevate Your Reach

Let's unite to educate the HR world on the power of transformative analytics and data storytelling for equitable workforces and driving change.

Employee Cycles Co-Marketing Partner Program presents an exciting avenue for businesses to amplify their reach and visibility in the HR industry. By collaborating with us, co-marketing partners can leverage our joint marketing efforts to promote their solutions and services alongside our cutting-edge HR platform. This program offers a win-win opportunity, where partners can expand their customer base while contributing to the growth of Employee Cycles’ ecosystem.

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