What is JobScore?

JobScore has been in the HR tech game for over 10 years and continuously innovates to provide a top recruitment software platform. The team’s mission is to empower employers to find and hire great people. They want your team to be successful and be better at recruiting.

Based out of San Francisco CA, JobScore’s utilizing a cooperative recruiting database to help people make quality connections to jobs. They have created matching technology to optimize the process and decrease human bias. The matching process looks at the employer’s preferences and the job seeker’s preferences to find the best matches.

Which HR functions does JobScore Support?

JobScore is specifically focused on simplifying the recruitment process with their software product. They leverage technology to enable streamlined processes and to help businesses take control of the look of their external, candidate-facing sites

The SaaS product has been broken down into three key offerings, which are based on the needs of Jobscore’s clients. Those three offerings are JobScore START, JobScore SCALE, and JobScore ENTERPRISE. JobScore START is for small businesses hiring less than 5 people at a time. JobScore SCALE is the next level and for professional recruiters or teams that hire more than 5 people at a time. Last, but certainly not least, is JobScore ENTERPRISE, which is for organizations with high volume, high velocity recruiting needs.

What Makes It Unique?

JobScore’s uniqueness comes from its focus on clean, easy-to-use software that helps businesses effectively recruit. They view technology as a partner or a member of the HR team that can be the advantage needed to set your recruiting efforts apart from others.

What HR Metrics Can You Track With JobScore?

With JobScore, there are plenty of metrics and analytics to measure your recruitment processes. Here are just a few HR metrics to look at

Our JobScore integration means that our HR dashboard easily connects to your human resources management system (HRMS). As an HR metrics tool, the HR dashboard will automatically pull in the data from the recruiting software and calculate the metrics you want. Our JobScore integration opens the door for eye-catching visualizations to easily tell the story behind the data.

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