What is Namely?

Namely was started in NYC, providing a SaaS (software as a service) HR management system (HRMS), also referred to as an HR information system (HRIS). Namely focuses on mid-size companies, which are companies with about 100 to 1,000 employees. They want to create the best HR management system solution so that your HR team can help your employees thrive.

Which HR functions does it support?

Namely can support all the stages of the employee lifecycle with an all-in-one HR software. All-in-one means they cover all the essential HR needs with just one platform. It’s broken up into five key areas, HRIS, benefits, talent, payroll, and time.

What makes Namely unique?

Since its launch in 2012, Namely worked to create an HR platform that was just as intuitive as social media and that brought people together. Their HRIS includes a social feed where employees can connect and celebrate milestones. Namely also has created a network of over 1,400 HR leaders. The Backstage Pass gives access to the exclusive online community, which even includes an annual summit. 

Which HR metrics can you track with Namely?

Since Namely supports the full employee lifecycle, there are quite a few metrics that can be tracked from the platform. 

Our Namely integration means our HR dashboard easily connects to your all-in-one HR system with just a simple sign-up. Our HR analytics tool will seamlessly pull the data to calculate the HR metrics important to you, your HR team, and your business leaders. Our Namely integration will give you the toolkit to be a strong business partner. 

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