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The most user-friendly HR analytics dashboard – helping HR leaders make data-driven decisions

Your HR Analytics Dashboard

Easy-to-access, real-time HR data

Employee Cycle’s HR analytics dashboard is the best solution for professionals who need visibility into all of their employee data across various HR systems.

Collaborate around your HR metrics
HR Reporting & Analytics

View, Track and Share Dashboards Instantly

Stop spending hours each week on manual reporting. Using Employee Cycle’s HR analytics dashboard, you can quickly create the reporting you need in minutes.


Keep Your Existing HR Systems

You don’t have to replace your favorite HR systems to get all your employee data in one place. Use our pre-built integrations to connect all your employee data to your HR analytics dashboard.

Metrics and KPIs

Metrics The Matter

Workforce questions shouldn’t be painful to answer. Have instant access to unified, real-time data from multiple HR systems in just a few clicks and share instantly with your team.

Data Coaching

Work with the Experts

Every paid Employee Cycle account has access to complementary data coaching. Discover what it means to work with the best in the data industry.

ViEW HR Metrics

Customize Your HR Dashboard With Modern Visuals

Bar Chart

Bar charts are a popular data visualization used to display data

Pie Chart

A circular chart divided into sectors which is proportional to the quantity it represents


Simple list-view data used to display data


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are utilized in the dashboard

Employee Cycle gave us tools at our fingertips to justify what we know in our gut is the right thing to do. That’s been huge for us. As an HR professional over time, you can develop a ‘spidey sense’ for what you know your organization needs.

Amanda M.

SOC2 Certified and System Ready

Employee Cycle is fully protected and ensures that your employee data is secure at all times.

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