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How it Works

The Seamless Employee Cloud.

Fully integrated suite of HR analysis tools to connect data, build custom reports, and automate insights.

Employee cycle is an all-in-one HR analytics hub that centralizes your HR data, automates reporting, and uncovers powerful insights on one platform. Start empowering growth and drive success with Employee Cycle's comprehensive tools.

Why Employee Cycle

HR Decision Intelligence:

Confident workforce decisions, streamlined insights.

Access to enriched insights through decision intelligence is now effortless and seamless for organizations. By leveraging decision intelligence, businesses can make informed decisions, optimize workforce management, and effectively align their teams with organizational goals, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.


Unify your HR data, automate processes, make decisions faster, and answer questions on the fly!


Error-proof analytical structure streamlines HR processes, reduces the risk of errors and ensures credibility to drive strategic growth initiatives.


Get a full-view picture of your workforce and quickly identify patterns and make informed decisions to best address business needs.


Create a shareable data story in minutes! Automate and export dashboard outputs for quick, actionable insights to share with leadership.

Simplified data management

Maximize Strategy, Automate tedious reporting processes.

Pre-built tools for 10x more efficient employee data management and insights

Integrate with existing HR systems and transform your reporting for up to 90% Time Savings and more agile Analysis

Track metrics quickly, analyze performance, and easily identify areas that need improvement

Effortless Exploration

Shape your HR data, the way you think

Build metrics like a boss! No need for coding or complicated pivot tables – just a few clicks and you’ll have real-time data stories at your fingertips.

Intuitive tools enable real-time HR data answers for informed decision-making

Easily query your HR data to spot patterns and track your progress towards your goals

Game-changing analytic tools provide deeper insights to help drive organizational excellence

Customized Views

Share Custom Dashboards

With Employee Cycle, you can effortlessly share custom dashboards, making it easy for your team to collaborate, stay informed, and make data-driven decisions together.

Enhanced Collaboration: Share custom dashboards to boost team collaboration and align everyone on key HR insights.

Real-time Access: Empower your team with real-time data on Employee Cycle’s shared custom dashboards, enabling informed decision-making on the fly.

Tailored Transparency: Customize dashboard information for each stakeholder, promoting transparency without overwhelming them with unnecessary data.

Integrated Data Quality Audit Tool

Eliminate unreliable analysis

Employee Cycle’s data quality audit tool seamlessly checks your employee data for completeness, consistency, and flags issues for HR to fix, ensuring reliable and credible data analysis.

Trust your employee data with improved quality by identifying and addressing missing information

Boost efficiency by evaluating data quality and minimizing manual data cleaning

Mitigate legal and financial penalties by ensuring regulatory compliance of employee data

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