HR Data Coaching Services

Making Sense of Every Day Analytics

Work with our team of data coaches today to receive training from expert consultants to help you fully leverage your HR data.

HR data coach and consultant
Increase your data literacy

Identify opportunities for growth

Get started with a designated data coach and identify your data literacy level according to best practice. We work with you to assess your comfort with data interpretation and analysis to help you begin your path towards optimal data literacy.
Create your ideal data

Set your metrics

We’ll take what matters to your organization and help you create the ideal data framework for how to approach HR data that helps you achieve your goals.

Build relationships

Personalized check-ins

Schedule quarterly calls with your data coach to see how things are going – we’re here to support your data goals and help you achieve them.

Data Coaching FAQs

How often are data coaching check-ins?

Every 90 days we’ll make sure to get time on the calendar with you to check in on your data goals.

How long are data coaching check-ins?

Coaching sessions can extend up to 30 minutes. Additional time can be provided if required.

Is there an additional cost for data coaching?

Data coaching is included with all paid plans. Additional data coaching is available as a subscription.

Why do I need a data coach?

Visualization, storytelling and interpretation are only a few reasons why Data Coaches are a great investment.

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