Information Protected Across All Platforms​

Always going the extra mile to ensure that all employee data is private and secure

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Why Secure Data Matters

No employee data should be left unsecure or in reach of the wrong people – whether inside or outside of your organization. Employee Cycle provides a secure ecosystem for all of your connected HR data, including taking extra precautions to make sure that each step of your data journey is protected at all times.


SOC 2 Compliant Platform

When you work with Employee Cycle to unify your HR data, you’re working with best-in-class HR data experts that are certified to handle, manage and maintain your connectivity.

SOC 2 compliant platform, audited by Sensiba San Filippo
SOC 2, monitored by Drata

Always Secure, Private and Compliant

Employee Cycle’s team of HR data experts are certified, compliant and able to ensure a safe space for your HR data connectivity and storage.

GDPR and CCPA Compliance
Encryption at rest and in-transit
Built on NIST CyberSecurity Framework
Private Key Access Control
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Security Across All HR Integration Platforms

Always-Secure Across All Platforms

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