What is Officevibe?

Founded just over five years ago, Officevibe started as a simple employee engagement survey used internally. It has since grown into an all-encompassing engagement tool that helps leaders effectively manage and support their team members. The team at Officevibe believes the future of work is human so they provide a platform to connect teams and leaders. 

Officevibe is a part of the GSoft family, which is a software engineering firm. Based out of Montreal, Canada, the company’s mission of putting human beings at the heart of priorities can even be found in Officevibe. They leverage today’s technology to automate processes so that humans can focus on being human. Aspects like collaboration, creativity, adaptation, and learning can be brought to the forefront. 

Which HR functions does Officevibe Support?

Officevibe is not your traditional HR system. It focuses on enhancing performance through team engagement. To support HR’s engagement initiatives the tech company has three pillars, science, simplicity, and safety.
Science is about giving business leaders access to accurate data that is actionable, which is validated and approved by Deloitte. Simplicity is about providing a tool that is easy and clear for teams and managers. The last pillar, safety, keeps the goal of protecting your employees’ identities with anonymity by respecting GDPF regulations.

What Makes It Unique?

The specialized interest in employee engagement is what sets Officevibe apart from other HR systems. To set managers up for success, they need the tools to help them understand how their employees feel. The goal is not just to provide a software solution that helps HR do their job, but for leaders, managers, teams, and the business overall to be successful. 

What HR Metrics Can You Track With Officevibe?

With Officevibe, tracking and measuring your talent’s engagement is easy. Here are just a few metrics to look at

  • Overall Engagement Score
  • Team Feedback Rate
  • Performance vs Engagement
  • Frequency of Manager Concerns

Our Officevibe integration means that our HR dashboard easily connects to your human resources management system (HRMS). As an HR metrics tool, the HR dashboard will automatically pull in the data from the engagement software and calculate the metrics you want. Our Officevibe integration opens the door for eye-catching visualizations to easily tell the story behind the data. 

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