On this episode of the Employee Cycle Podcast, we have Irina Tsukernik, Co-Founder & CEO of EDIFY, joining us to discuss Why Employers Should Provide Childcare Benefits.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • First off, how did Irina Tsukernik end up in the wonderful world of HR? 
  • Secondly, what is the definition of childcare benefits?
  • Next, is this virtual babysitting, or does it go deeper? 
  • What do childcare benefits look like in most companies today?
  • Are companies providing childcare benefits mostly for remote or in-office parents?
  • Where do companies and HR leaders go to learn more on how to start a childcare benefits plan and then implement it?
  • Final words for the listening audience? Right now, for every one male that has left the workforce, seven females have quit. The lack of childcare is the #1 reason for quitting. We’ve gone back to the 1980s rates of men vs women in the workplace. The future of work really depends on the employer’s ability to think about childcare benefits that have historically not been offered. The ROI on childcare has never been higher and it’s important to support parents in this new way. 

How to find Irina Tsukernik and EDIFY:

About EDIFY:

Edify connects children of employees with Caregivers for online sessions in three categories: Tutoring, Music Lessons, and even Young Childcare (ages 3-10) which includes a variety of educational activities like arts and crafts.

Edify believes in employers stepping up to support their employees with distraction at home, specifically childcare.

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