Release date: November 30, 2023

Plug-and-Play HR Report Builder

We are thrilled to introduce an exciting new feature to our Employee Cycle platform – Build Reports. As a valued member of our community, you’re among the first to experience this innovative enhancement.

Why Build Reports?

At Employee Cycle, we understand the dynamic needs of HR leaders. Your decision-making is only as good as the data you have. That’s why we’ve developed Build Reports. This feature is specifically designed to augment your data analysis capabilities, enabling you to generate detailed table-view reports directly from our platform.


How will Build Reports support your reporting needs?

  • Drill-Down Capability: Go beyond surface-level insights. Explore the depths of your data to uncover underlying trends and patterns.
  • Effortless Data Export: Easily download your reports in CSV format for further analysis or presentation.
  • Seamless Integration: Like all features of Employee Cycle, Build Reports seamlessly integrates with your existing data sources, maintaining our promise of unified data analytics.
  • User-Friendly Interface: We’ve ensured that creating these reports is as intuitive as the rest of our platform. No need for complex training or technical know-how.

Thank you for choosing Employee Cycle as your partner in HR analytics. We’re excited to see how Build Reports will enhance your data journey.

Happy Analyzing!