Release date: Feb 29, 2024

Date Compare Upgrade

we’re excited to share a feature enhancement that’s set to revolutionize the way you view and compare HR metrics: Date Compare.

What’s New? 

Summary Reports, now available in the Build Reports section, offers a powerful tool for aggregating and summarizing your HR data. This new feature allows you to quickly generate comprehensive views of your workforce metrics, providing valuable insights at a glance.

Key Benefits 

  • Multi-Year Data Comparison: Break free from the constraints of year-on-year analysis. Our Date Compare enhancement allows you to dive into your historical data, offering the flexibility to assess and compare metrics over multiple years. This means richer insights and more informed decision-making at your fingertips.
  • Flexible Date Ranges: Your organization is unique, and so is your fiscal calendar. That’s why we’ve introduced the ability to select custom date ranges that go beyond the standard calendar year. Whether you’re looking to analyze data from a specific partial year period or across fiscal years, Date Compare caters to your specific needs.
  • Intuitive Selection & Display: We understand the importance of clarity when it comes to data. With Date Compare, selecting the period for comparison is straightforward. Options like “1 year prior,” “2 years prior,” etc., simplify cross-year comparisons, and the graph legends adapt accordingly for immediate recognition and analysis.

Ready to get started?

Experience the transformative power of Date Compare firsthand and see how it revolutionizes your HR analytics with Employee Cycle. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your data-driven decisions. Reach out now to book a demo and start your free trial, immersing yourself in the future of HR data management. Let us be your partner in innovation—contact us today to unlock the full potential of your HR analytics.

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