Derek Irvine, SVP of Work Human and Author of Making Work Human joins us to talk about why businesses no longer need to choose between head, heart, and wallet.

Derek Irvine joins us on the podcast today to discuss why businesses no longer need to choose between head, heart, and wallet? If you were struggling with the choice before, struggle no longer.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why your business no longer needs to choose between head, heart, and wallet.
  • If a business is choosing and leading with its head, heart, or wallet what does that mean?
  • The cons of leading your business with just one of three of those things, instead of all of them.
  • Things that employees want out of their workplace.
  • What happens when you create a human-centered workplace?
    And more…

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Workhuman’s solutions unite employees around a shared purpose and inspire them to do the best work of their lives – driving immediate and long-term ROI.

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