Cleo Valereso, Global Head of People Operations at LiveAction – Network Performance Management joins us to talk about how to successfully reopen your office during COVID19?

Are you wondering how to successfully reopen your office during COVID19? How do you make it work? Cleo Valeroso gives tips on how to open up safely.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • First, we discuss how to successfully reopen your office during covid19.
  • Secondly, how can you figure out if you should open your business or not?
  • Next, will COVID19 affect the size of the office moving forward?
  • In addition, what perks can you offer your employees at home and in the office?
    And much more…

How to find Cleo Valeroso and LiveAction – Network Performance Management:

About LiveAction – Network Performance Management:

LiveAction develops IT visibility, analytics, and diagnostic solutions designed to simplify network management.  Their two different platforms, LiveNX (the Network Experience) and LiveSP (the Service Provider Experience) were each built by teams of experts to focus on delivering key functionality to their users.

Underpinning their platforms are network data sources like SNMP, NetFlow, IPFIX, API. In addition, they are expanding network visibility and control with their own technologies that bring data from containers, and VMs, LiveNCA. As a result, this provides configuration back-up, change management, and their newly acquired packet-level diagnostics. To read more about their acquisition of Savvius, please read their press release.

Click here to visit the LiveAction website.

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