On this episode of the Employee Cycle Podcast, we have Justin Stanton, Director of HR Operations at Presidio, joining us to discuss What Is An Integrated HR Function.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • First off, how did Justin Stanton end up in the wonderful world of HR? 
  • Secondly, what is the definition of an integrated HR function?
  • Next, how is an integrated HR function different than what organizations typically have today?  
  • If it is different, what are those major differences for HR professionals to understand?
  • What integrations with applications and audits are important?
  • Who owns and is responsible for this integration?
  • Does this integrated HR function cost dollars and resources or is it more of changing up the operating model?
  • Is the integrated HR function better for smaller companies or larger companies?
  • How do you see the HR role itself changing today?
  • And so much more!

How to find Justin Stanton and Presidio:

About Presidio:

Presidio is a global digital services and solutions provider accelerating business transformation through secured technology modernization. Extensive teams of engineers and solutions architects with deep expertise across cloud, security, networking, and modern data center infrastructure help customers acquire, deploy and operate technology that delivers impactful business outcomes. Presidio is a trusted strategic advisor with a flexible full life cycle model of professional, managed, and support and staffing services to help execute, secure, operationalize, and maintain technology solutions. 

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About Employee Cycle:

Employee Cycle is changing the way HR leaders use data! We change their disconnected employee data into a user-friendly, centralized, and real-time HR Analytics Dashboard. We help companies view, track, and analyze their workforce data in one place. As a result, companies avoid risks, save costs, and increase their employee lifetime value.

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