Amanda Newell, Director of Human Resources – U.S. at Rain Carbon Inc, discusses how you can think about building a new HR department.

Let’s give a warm welcome to our guest Amanda Newell! Starting from scratch can be scary, but don’t worry! Today, we will discuss how you can think about building a new HR department with actionable steps.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • First off, what does Rain Carbon do, how many employees do they have, and what does their HR team look like?
  • Second, should you think about what your workforce should look like to help you build a new HR department?
  • Next, what does it look like to link HR efforts to parts of your business?
  • And a lot more!

How to find Amanda Newell and Rain Carbon Inc:

Rain Carbon Inc:

Rain Carbon Inc. is a leading global producer of carbon-based products and derivative advanced materials that are important to countless industrial processes and manufactured products. Simply put, at Rain Carbon, they produce the raw materials that make the finished products people rely on possible. They are a resourceful, reliable, and responsible partner that transforms the byproducts of other industries into usable, high-value products. Our businesses have spent the past 150 years anticipating changes in customer requirements. Rain Carbon has watched technological advancements stretch the imagination of what’s possible. And they are constantly using their experience and innovation to develop essential raw materials that enable customers to introduce cutting-edge products and meet evolving societal and regulatory demands.

Its global businesses include administrative and sales offices in China, India, and the United States of America. We have carbon and advanced materials production and processing facilities in Belgium, Canada, Germany, India, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, and the United States. Rain Carbon builds collaborative, long-term relationships and ensures its customers’ market success by delivering consistently high-quality products and customized product solutions. Rain Carbon Inc. and each of their global locations have an exceptional track record of reliability and a culture of responsibility to customers, suppliers, employees, and communities.

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