On this episode of the Employee Cycle podcast, we have Abbie Cowan, Global Chief Diversity Officer at Atos, joining us to discuss how to take Diversity, Equity & Inclusion from education to action in your company.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • First off, how did Abbie Cowan get into the wonderful world of HR?
  • Secondly, what is “DEI education? Why is it important? And how is it done?
  • Next, why is it easy to build a team of “like” people? And what’s the downfall?
  • How do you hire people that have the ability to adapt and thrive in discomfort?
  • When does the transition from DEI education to action happen?
  • Key tip: Don’t assume that small actions don’t make a big change. We can all take individual actions and together it will make a big change. It has a ripple effect.

How to find Abbie Cowan and Atos:


Atos is the global leader in secure and decarbonized digital with a range of market-leading digital solutions along with consultancy services, digital security, and decarbonization offerings: an end-to-end partnership approach.

A net-zero pioneer in decarbonization services and products, their commitment to the future extends to carbon neutrality for their organization as well as their clients and partners. Together they’re a force pushing the boundaries of scientific and technological excellence to ensure that everyone can live, work, and thrive sustainably in a secure information space.

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