On this episode of the Employee Cycle podcast, we have Arun George Phillip, Head of Global Talent Acquisition and HR Operations Canada at IBS Software, joining us to discuss how employers can stand out in the hiring process.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • First off, how did Arun George Phillip get into the world of HR?
  • Secondly, why is it important to stand out in the hiring process?
  • Next, when you do attract the right candidate, what types of things do you do to make your organization stand out?
  • What are some things you should not say when trying to stand out?
  • Key tip: Under-commit and over-deliver to candidates – it brings the wow factor.

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IBS Software:

IBS Software’s mission is to transform how travel companies operate in a digital world by delivering next-generation products to accelerate growth, drive efficiency, and create differentiated customer experiences.

They have achieved their leadership position by combining over 20 years of deep domain expertise with a comprehensive portfolio of modular SaaS solutions that facilitate and automate travel companies’ most mission-critical functions. They accelerate innovation and enable smarter, data-driven decisions at many of the world’s largest and most renowned airlines, airports, ground handlers, hotels, cruise lines, and energy companies. Their customers consistently recognize their customer-centric and partnership approach, along with their implementation track record, as additional value enablers that differentiate IBS Software from their competitors.

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