Teja McDaniel, HR & Talent Acquisition Manager at WT Partnership, joins us today to talk about how to maintain positive company culture during the pandemic.

The pandemic has put us all in a tough situation, staying positive can feel impossible. However, Teja McDaniel joins us today to discuss how we can maintain positive company culture during our new normal.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • First, what does a positive company culture look like in the first place?
  • Next, how can we maintain positive company culture during covid-19?
  • How has covid-19 affected Teja’s company’s ability to provide a positive company culture?
  • And much more…

How to find Teja McDaniel and WT Partnership:

About WT Partnership:

Founded in Australia back in 1949, WT has become a force in North America since 2010. Because of their technology-forward ‘start-up’ culture, engaged team of multidisciplinary advisors, and long-term partnership approach with client programs, WT is a trusted advisor to Owners, Developers, Government, and Private area clients. With a footprint of over 60 locations and 1600 staff globally, they’re an award-winning advisory firm. They support clients across the infrastructure investment, construction, and asset management areas.

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