Mark MacDonald, Head of People at Luxury Presence, joins us today to discuss how you can operate as a remote-first workforce in 2021.

Remote work has been the talk of the town. Because of this, in 2021 more companies will be looking to work remotely. Mark MacDonald joins us to discuss how to operate as a remote-first workforce in 2021.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • First, how was Luxury Presence working at the beginning of 2020?
  • Second, what did being a remote workforce mean in 2020?
  • Next, how do you do things in a meaningful way when working remotely?
  • And tangible steps to go remote-first…

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Luxury Presence provides leading real estate agents with stunning websites, effective marketing plans, and access to an exclusive network. Luxury Presence’s platform allows real estate agents to maintain their websites and digital presence. Its software tools include 15 website templates, one-click property websites, and a modern MLS search tool. In addition, the company offers managed marketing plans for SEO, Google PPC, and social media advertising.

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