Amy Yin, Founder/CEO at Officetogether, join us to discuss how to create a hybrid workforce culture.

Give a warm welcome to Amy Yin! With the finicky nature of the pandemic, many workforces are considering creating a hybrid workforce culture. We discuss how to create a hybrid workforce culture with Amy Yin with actionable steps.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • First off, we learn about Amy’s HR hero origin story!
  • Secondly, Amy defines what a hybrid workforce culture looks like to her.
  • Next, are a lot of people going back to the office to do work?
  • What should you think about to make sure that your hybrid culture is heading in the right direction?
  • And a lot more!

How to find Amy Yin and Officetogether:


OfficeTogether is a desk reservation and office management platform built to help teams plan their time in-office together.

With the OfficeTogether platform, teams can seamlessly support a structured environment for both co-working and collaboration. Employees can view the in-office schedules of their teammates and make their own reservations to go into the office. Managers can use shift patterns to schedule teams to come in on the same day as well as track in-office days for individuals. People and facilities teams can collect real-time data to forecast office trends and make critical real estate and budgeting decisions down the road.

At present, the platform integrates with several major HR and communication tools, including Azure, BambooHR, Google Calendar, Microsoft Teams, Okta, Slack, and more.

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