Emily Turner, Human Resources VP at Alton Lane, discusses how you as HR can add value to the employee experience.

Let’s welcome Emily Turner! The more value you can add to your employees, the more they’ll add value to you. We discuss what you can do as HR to add value to the employee experience.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Firstly, we learn Emily Turner’s HR origin story!
  • Secondly, what does the employee experience mean to Emily?
  • Next, What does it look like for a company to make an employee feel understood?
  • And a lot more!

How to find Emily Turner and Alton Lane:

Alton Lane:

Alton Lane is a custom menswear brand built upon the foundation of providing an unbeatable shopping experience. Their showroom teams are style, fit, and service experts who create an real connection with each client in order to help them reach their personal wardrobe goals.

Alton Lane’s goal is to deliver high-quality custom garments with a perfect fit that helps their clients look, feel and be their best. Working at Alton Lane will allow you to be a part of building a company.

At Alton Lane, their people come first and they are invested in their personal, leadership, and career growth.  Their people are given continuous training, development, and support to excel in their careers. Future growth opportunities can lead to travel, relocation, promotion to leadership roles, and more.  They are actively looking for Stylists and Salespeople who are business-minded team players. The ultimate candidate can drive results, is hungry to contribute, genuinely connects with others, and wants to lead. 

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