Listen to Saudia Ganie on the Employee Cycle HR podcast discuss why all employees should feel comfortable being their authentic selves at work.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • What is code-switching, and why does it force certain employees to be a different version of themselves.
  • What is “Bro Culture”, and how does it negatively impact inclusion.
  • Why a great onboarding process can make people feel like they belong.
  • Why some people at your company won’t be on board with creating an inclusive space.
  • Why do all companies need to do a better job of understanding all sides of their employees?
  • Why a strong culture can make potential job candidates opt out of the hiring process, and how that can be a good thing.
  • How data can help determine the level of inclusion at your company.
  • How using survey and engagement data can help gauge if diverse groups of employees feel comfortable.

How to find Saudia and Digital Ocean Online:

About the host: Bruce is co-founder and CEO of the HR dashboard Employee Cycle. When Bruce is not helping HR executives better understand the story behind their workforce data, he’s serving as Board Chair of the non-profit youth coding program Coded By Kids, making fun playlists on Spotify, and hunting down the best bread pudding in whichever city he’s in.

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