On this episode of the Employee Cycle podcast, we have Donald Knight, Chief People Officer at Greenhouse Software, joining us to discuss what employee well-being actually means.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • First off, how did Donald Knight get into the world of HR?
  • Secondly, what does employee well-being actually mean?
  • Next, what are the five layers of well-being? And what should HR leaders focus on when implementing in their organizations?
  • “Feeling comfortable” isn’t usually a phrase HR leaders use. What does that mean in the workplace?
  • How do you put employees in a position where they feel comfortable being “uncomfortable” so they feel they are still being challenged?
  • Key tip: Really focus on three things – (1) how do we enhance our experiences, (2) how do we nurture culture, and (3) how do we develop people. Are the current activities yielding what we need from a well-being perspective? If not, then make changes. 

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Greenhouse Software:

They believe in the power of hiring. Because the potential for people to do something amazing has everything to do with being in the right role, on the right team, at the right time. That’s where Greenhouse comes in – its mission is to make every company great at hiring. Because when they are, companies have the confidence to dream bigger, think bolder, and take on what’s next.

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