On this episode of the Employee Cycle podcast, we have Jon Agnone, Senior Director of People Analytics at Salesforce, joining us to discuss how to support the business and executives with people analytics – also known as workforce analytics or HR analytics.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • First off, how did Jon Agnone get into the wonderful world of HR?
  • Secondly, “people analytics” is quite a buzzy term. What exactly is it?
  • Next, who are the main stakeholders that the people analytics team primarily works with and presents findings to?
  • How do you define what “support the business” means and how do people analytics support it?
  • How can HR support executives if they don’t have a people analytics team?
  • For a lot of HR leaders, the data can be very overwhelming. Where do they get started to learn more?

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About Salesforce:

From the start, Salesforce has sought to change the world for the better through technology that builds stronger relationships. Between companies and their customers. Between employees and far-flung teams. Between governments and their citizens. Between people who want to make a difference. They help unite every department to better focus on customers with the world’s #1 CRM.

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About Employee Cycle:

Employee Cycle is changing the way HR leaders use data! We change their disconnected employee data into a user-friendly, centralized, and real-time HR Analytics Dashboard. We help companies view, track, and analyze their workforce data in one place. As a result, companies avoid risks, save costs, and increase their employee lifetime value.

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