Dina Marie Hernandez, VP of Human Resources at ELM Home & Building Solutions, discusses how to support a fast-growing workforce in times of uncertainty.

Welcome our next HR leader, Dina Marie Hernandez, to the podcast. There’s a lot of uncertainty during this time. We will talk about how you can support a fast-growing workforce in times of uncertainty.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • To begin, as a fast-growing company how do you communicate with your employees the importance to thrive in a time of uncertainty?
  • Second, how can you keep your employees from burning out?
  • In addition, how do you collect feedback from employees to better support them?
  • And a lot more…

How to find Dina Marie Hernandez and ELM Home & Building Solutions:

About ELM Home & Building Solutions:

ELM is a leading provider of innovative home and building solutions. For over 50 years ELM has been the national gold standard in creating high-performance custom solutions provided directly to customers, contractors, distributors, and fabricators, when and where they need them most.

The ELM family of brands includes Englert Inc, LeafGuard, and MetalMan. By combining our expertise across product development, direct-to-market channels, and responsive customer service, ELM delivers fast-growing, winning home and building solutions across our family of companies.

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