Melissa Bonner, Vice President of Human Resources at Prime Trust, joins us today to discuss how to provide employee benefits to a remote workforce.

We’re working remotely more than ever. Are you wondering how to provide employee benefits to your remote workforce? Melissa discusses it with us today.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • First, Melissa defines employee benefits.
  • Second, how do employees view benefits?
  • Next, what were some of the benefits the employees wanted pre-covid in Melissa’s experience?
  • And actionable steps to provide employee benefits to your remote workforce.

How to find Melissa Bonner and Prime Trust:

About Prime Trust:

Prime Trust is a technology-driven trust company unlike anything else. They are doing to the traditional trust industry what Paypal did to merchant processing; completely disrupting it. In other words, they do this by writing software that brings services to the masses and that business partners can build on top of. As a chartered and regulated financial institution, they are overseen by the banking commissioner’s office at the Financial Institutions Division.

As a trust-company, they hold cash and non-cash assets such as stocks, bonds, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, tokens, real estate, and private business ownership interests. They act as custodian and trustee for a wide variety of personal and corporate trusts. As well as for a major part of the crowdfunding industry. They work with individuals, corporations, lawyers, brokers, investment advisers, and others on holding and managing specialized custodial, escrow, and trust services.

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