Michelle R. Weise, PhD, Senior Advisor at Imaginable Futures, joins us today to discuss how to prepare employees for jobs that don’t exist yet.

The job market is constantly evolving. Michelle R. Weise, PHD, joins us to discuss how we can better prepare employees for jobs that don’t exist yet and how to help employees be more adaptable.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • First, how can we track lifelong learning?
  • Second, what systems are Imaginable Futures looking to track?
  • Next, how do we translate and take apart the problem of not being able to have a full learner lifecycle view of all learners? Why is it a problem for preparing employees for jobs that don’t exist yet?
  • Advice to help you prepare your workforce for roles that don’t exist yet and helping them to become adaptable.
  • And more…

How to find Michelle R. Weise, PhD and Imaginable Futures:

About Imaginable Futures:

Imaginable Futures is a global philanthropic investment firm that believes learning has the power to unleash human potential. Ultimately, it aspires to provide every learner with the opportunity and the tools they need to imagine and realize a brighter future. By taking a systems approach to solving complex education challenges, Imaginable Futures works across public, private, and social sectors to bring to life transformational ideas across local, national, and global contexts for learners of all ages.

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