Soo Peer, Owner, Diversity Strategy Consultant and Coach at Soo Peer Associates and author of The Essential Diversity Mindset, discusses how you can move your diversity strategy to a mindset.

You have to believe in diversity for your diversity strategy to actually work. Soo Peer joins us on the podcast today to discuss how you can move your diversity strategy to a mindset.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • First, why did Soo Bong Peer write The Essential Diversity Mindset?
  • Second, what is the diversity matrix?
  • Next, what is the diversity mindset?
  • What is the difference between a diversity mindset and a diversity strategy?
  • And more…

How to find Soo Bong Peer and The Essential Diversity Mindset book:

About The Essential Diversity Mindset:

In our divided climate with heightened concerns and emotions over inclusion, racism, and activism, The Essential Diversity Mindset offers a transformative approach to diversity―as a mindset, not as a formula. Thoughts, feelings, and behaviors (not enforcements, compliances, or statistics) drive diversity outcomes.

The Essential Diversity Mindset provides answers to businesses, organizations, and people searching for alternate perspectives and strategies to advance diversity and inclusion. It is for those who feel different or alienated, and want to foster their sense of self-empowerment and connect with others. And it’s for those who want to deepen their capacity to build greater empathy, open-mindedness, and connection.

The Essential Diversity Mindset will inspire readers to pause and reflect on where they are and explore how we all can make positive shifts to thrive in unity with differences.

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