Listen to Shane Metcalf, Co-founder of 15Five, discuss how companies can help employees live up to their true potential.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why it takes a customized and personalized process to help all your employees with unique needs to become their best selves.
  • Why it’s important to allow employees to bring their true selves to work.
  • Why HR leaders need to make sure they’re the best versions of themselves in order to help employees do the same.
  • Why a physical and emotionally safe place is necessary to build a strong culture.
  • Why creating a sense of belonging for employees makes them want to grow and stay with your company.
  • Why the ultimate goal is to create the highest ELTV (Employee Lifetime Value) of your workforce.

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About Employee Cycle:

Employee Cycle is changing the way HR leaders use data, beginning with transforming their disconnected employee data into a user-friendly, centralized, and real-time HR dashboard. This helps companies view, track and analyze their workforce data to avoid risks, save costs, and ultimately increase their employee lifetime value.