Learn how to balance creating human connections and zoom fatigue with Twanya Hood Hill, VP of People and Culture at Tech Soft 3D.

Zoom can wear out your desire to be social. How can you curate human connections while balancing zoom fatigue? We discuss this with Twanya Hood Hill today.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How to create human connections while balancing zoom fatigue?
  • How does Twanya define human connection?
  • Why is zoom fatigue becoming an issue now despite there being successful remote companies already?
    And more…

How to find Twanya Hood Hill and Tech Soft 3D:

About Tech Soft 3D:

When you get to know Tech Soft 3D, you’ll find a team of seriously talented industry veterans who have retained the energy, drive, and dynamism of a start-up. In the years since Tech Soft 3D was founded in 1996, they have been focused on helping software development teams succeed. They do so by leveraging their technology and expertise. They are still excited by that same mission today.

Tech Soft 3D’s commitment to helping others rise to the top started the day their organization was born. As a four-person, self-funded start-up, they needed to provide value for their partners. Industry leaders of the day, including Computervision, SDRC, and RASNA, relied on their HOOPS Visualize graphics engine.

Learn more about Tech Soft 3D here.

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