Jami Farkas, Director of Human Resource Operations at Cascade Engineering, discusses how to create an evidence-based recruiting process.

Welcome thought leader, Jami Farkas, to the podcast. Here at Employee Cycle, data and evidence are all the rage! An evidence-based recruiting process is really important. Today, we will discuss why it’s important and how to create one.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • To begin, what is an evidence-based recruitment process?
  • Second, what does a personality test look for?
  • In addition, what is a job overlay?
  • And a lot more…

How to find Jami Farkas and Cascade Engineering:

Cascade Engineering:

Cascade Engineering is a manufacturer and marketer supporting multiple brands. They manufacture for and market to a variety of industries such as automotive, commercial truck & bus, solid waste & recycling, furniture, and material handling. Their broad portfolio of offerings includes manufacturing products for OEMs, marketing branded products, and providing consulting services. The common thread weaving our businesses together is expertise in large part injection molding.

Their world-class engineering, technology, and manufacturing allow them to provide leading-edge products and services while maintaining a strong commitment to lean manufacturing and environmental stewardship. They employ a sustainable business model based on diversification, innovation, and sustainable development. Cascade Engineering is committed to bringing sustainable products to market that contribute to the triple bottom line.

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