Kelly Gatta, Chief Operations & People Officer at Creative Materials Corporation, discusses why the future of work is already here.

Welcome Kelly Gatta, to the podcast. The future of work is already here! How do we know it? We’ll discuss this topic today with Kelly Gatta.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • To begin, what does the future of work mean to Kelly Gatta?
  • Second, what does Kelly believe is the actual present and the actual future in terms of work?
  • In addition, how will people’s work-from-home preferences impact the future of work?
  • And a lot more…

How to find Kelly Gatta and Creative Materials Corporation:

Creative Materials Corporation:

Creative Materials Corporation supplies surface materials such as tile, resilient flooring, pavers, and setting materials to the commercial construction industry. Utilizing extensive experience, Creative Materials guides architecture firms, developers, and corporate multi-unit brands through a product specification and the successful supply of materials to each and every project.

Creative Materials adds value to client’s projects by offering an unmatched combination of product sourcing capabilities, nationwide supply chain solutions, and excellence in service. A committed, consultative approach enables clients to create with confidence.

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