Listen to Emily Bermes, President of Emily Bermes + Associates, discuss the best way to handle and communicate bad news across your organization.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • To start off, we talk about the most common forms of bad news given to employees.
  • Who should be responsible for delivering bad news to your company?
  • Why sharing the truth with your employees despite the outcome is always the best option.
  • The different situations dictate whether bad news should be communicated one-on-one versus in a group setting.
  • How to have empathy when sharing bad news.
  • When and when not to use technology to communicate bad news to large groups of employees.

How to find Emily and her company online:

About Emily Bermes + Associates

As the CEO of a human capital consulting firm, Emily has dedicated her career to helping business people. For instance, she has helped business people from Fortune 100 companies to industry-shifting startups adapt to new roles, and create strong teams. Emily has also helped them develop cultures so they can attract and keep the best talent. She combines more than 15 years of experience as a management consultant, executive coach, and her background as a researcher. As a result, Emily is a master at creating solutions for organizational and human capital challenges.

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