Lauren McDonald, Director of Human Resources at LoanLogics Inc., discusses how you can choose, prepare, and develop managers.

Welcome our guest Lauren McDonald, it’s her first time doing a podcast! We discuss how to choose, prepare, and develop managers.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • To begin, what is a manager?
  • Second, how do you choose who should be a manager?
  • In addition, what are some of the characteristics employees should think about to become a manager?
  • Next, what kind of data should you look at to determine who could be a good manager?
  • And a lot more…

How to find Lauren McDonald and LoanLogics Inc.:


The company LoanLogics was founded in 2005 to improve the transparency and accuracy of the mortgage process and improve the quality of loans. Their cloud technologies include document processing, quality control audit, and due diligence software. In addition, we use the same software for their audit services offering. LoanLogics’ goal is to help residential mortgage lenders, servicers, insurers, and investors validate compliance. As a result, this improves profitability and manages risk during the manufacture and acquisition of loan assets. As the digital mortgage process evolves, their cloud-based, data-driven digital technology and quality control expertise will continue to help mortgage market participants originate and sell defect-free loan assets.

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