Brittany Simpson, Human Resources Director at Ember Technologies Inc., discusses how you can help your employees adjust to the new workforce.

Welcome our guest Brittany Simpson to the podcast. There is a lot of transitioning going on. How can you help your employees adjust to the new workforce? We discuss it on today’s podcast.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • First off, what does the new workforce look like to Brittany?
  • Second, what are the changes that Brittany is evaluating at Ember Technologies Inc.?
  • Next, how do employees moving to different locations affect Ember Technogies’ office change?
  • And a lot more…

How to find Brittany Simpson and Ember Technologies Inc.:

Ember Technologies Inc.:

Ember is a design-led temperature control brand and technology platform, whose mission is to revolutionize the way people eat, drink and live. Founded by inventor and serial entrepreneur Clay Alexander, Ember creates, designs, and develops temperature control products that offer people complete customization. Named one of TIME magazine’s Best Inventions, the award-winning temperature control Ember Travel Mug² and Ember Mug² are the most advanced coffee mugs on the market, allowing individuals to set and maintain their preferred drinking temperature for hot beverages.

Ember’s temperature control smart mugs are available in over 10,000 retail doors in 27 countries worldwide, including top retailers such as Best Buy, Apple, Williams Sonoma, Bloomingdale’s, and Target. Up next, Ember is applying its innovative temperature control technology to new categories, including healthcare and infant feeding.

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