Amy Ehrmantraut, Director of HR and Culture at Kenway Consulting joins us to discuss tackling diversity and inclusion.

Do you have a small company? Not sure how to tackle diversity and inclusion because of your limited capacity? Amy Ehrmantraut discusses it on today’s podcast.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How can a small company tackle diversity and inclusion?
  • What’s the difference between a small and big company tackling diversity and inclusion?
  • What do diversity and inclusion look like for Kenway Consulting?
    And more…

How to find Amy Ehrmantraut and Kenway Consulting:

About Kenway Consulting:

Kenway Consulting is a management and technology consulting company. They were founded in June of 2004 on the principles of being good and being truthful.

At Kenway Consulting’s core, they want to help people. In Kenway’s business, that means working with companies who need their help. It also means working with the people at those companies who want it. Within Kenway, it is about knowing when help is needed. It is about willing to provide help and accept help without judgment. This is why Kenyway Consulting exists. This is why their employees work at Kenway. And this is why they do the work they do for their clients and for themselves.

To help and be helped. That is their Why.

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