Keira Torkko, Chief People Officer at Assent, joins us to discuss What Is Emotional Proximity And Why Is It Important.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • First off, how did Keira Torkko get into the wonderful world of HR?
  • Secondly, how do you define “Emotional Proximity” so we’re all on the same page?
  • Next, is emotional proximity more around your team members feeling the same way about the situation at the same time or is it more about team members being connected emotionally on a deeper level than just working together?
  • Is emotional proximity more prominent with people working in the office or remote workers?
  • Do you think that because so many people work remotely they may not be looking for that emotional connection at work anymore and that now work might be more transactional?
  • Is emotional proximity a good thing? A bad thing? Can it be measured?
  • With layoffs, quiet quitting, quiet hiring, etc. do you think employees and employers want the same things?
  • With the variety of radical flexibility, remote work, hybrid work, or returning back to the office, how do you think emotional proximity plays into that?

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About Assent:

Assent is the leader in supply chain sustainability management solutions. With more than a decade of experience, Assent is specifically focused on complex manufacturers, a subset of manufacturers in the industrial equipment, electronics, medical device, aerospace/defense and automotive verticals whose products have a long design cycle and shelf life. More importantly, with thousands of parts making up a single product — and equally as many supplier partners across their global supply chain — complex manufacturers have extreme supply chain sustainability requirements.

The Assent solution blends the SaaS technology platform with managed services and its world-class Regulatory Team of subject matter experts who keep customers ahead of compliance and regulatory changes across the globe.

Assent’s customers use our solutions across product compliance, trade compliance and ESG to capture, track, report on and manage supply chain compliance and sustainability performance of their suppliers. Assent is on a mission to make the supply chains of complex manufacturers deeply and durably good by helping them see deeper into their supply chains, be smarter with powerful data, and grow better to seize market opportunities.

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