Trav Walkowski, Partner & Chief Human Resources Officer at EmployMetrics joins us to talk about why companies should use a nationalized payment plan.

Trav Walkowski joins us for a talk about why companies should use a nationalized payment plan. What are the pros and cons of a nationalized payment plan, and more?

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • First, why companies should use a nationalized payment plan?
  • Secondly, why is it a good idea and why is it a bad idea?
  • How do you support paying for higher wages, despite the cost of living?
  • How can a company figure out what its payment plan looks like?
    And much more…

How to find Trav Walkowski and EmployMetrics:

About EmployMetrics:

Employmetrics is a global Human Resources Consultancy. They offer fixed and project-based services. Their partners are organizational analysts who form tactics. Their tactics are informed by people data and Put Data to Work™! Employmetrics offers both common Human Capital Consulting services. They also offer innovative services that are unique to the industry. They work within worker engagement to team building, organizational health to program execution, and everything in between. 

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Employee Cycle is changing the way HR leaders use data! We change their disconnected employee data into a user-friendly, centralized, and real-time People dashboard. We help companies view, track, and analyze their workforce data in one place. As a result, companies avoid risks, save costs, and increase their employee lifetime value.

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