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Release date: July 5, 2023

Introducing On-Demand Metric Editing: Elevating Your Data Control

Exciting news is on the horizon as we unveil a brand-new feature tailored to empower your data manipulation: Edit Metrics On-Demand. We understand the significance of seamlessly transforming data into actionable insights, and we’re thrilled to announce this enhancement that amplifies your ability to fine-tune metrics within your dashboard.

Our goal has always been to deliver actionable insights with unmatched convenience. To accomplish this, we’ve enriched our product to enable you to refine metrics without toggling between screens. This feature, accessible right from your dashboard, offers you a seamless, efficient, and uninterrupted workflow, redefining the way you interact with your data.

The Power of Simple Editing

To embark on your metric-editing journey, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Navigate to “Dashboards” and locate the desired metric.
  2. Opt for “Edit Metric” from the “more” menu.

In mere moments, your metric is transformed according to your specifications. Remember to save your changes to witness your filtering updates in action.

A World of Advantages

Our Edit Metrics On-Demand feature brings an array of benefits designed to enhance your data experience:

1. Time-Efficient Excellence: Bid farewell to screen-hopping. Modify your dashboard swiftly, focusing your energy on insights, not navigation.

2. Effortless Workflow: Immerse yourself in your data with unparalleled ease. Dive deep into analysis and streamline decision-making.

3. User-Centric Design: Elevate your user experience with our platform’s intuitive design, ensuring you extract insights seamlessly.

4. Adaptive Customization: Tailor your dashboard view to meet your moment-by-moment requirements. This level of customization is now at your fingertips.

Empowerment Through Simplicity

This new feature places the reins of data control squarely in your hands, transforming complex HR data into digestible insights. Our team is confident that this enhancement will revolutionize your approach to people analytics, offering unmatched value and convenience.

For any queries or to further explore this feature, don’t hesitate to connect with Bruce Marable at [email protected]. Additionally, you’ll find detailed walkthroughs of the new features at, ensuring you’re primed to harness the full potential of this transformative enhancement.