Emma Brudner, Head and People of Culture at Reggora, discusses how you can move to a remote-first workforce.

Welcome our first, second-time guest Emma Brudner back to the podcast! We discuss how to move to a remote-first workforce.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • First, what does it mean to have a remote-first workforce?
  • Second, what’s the first step a company should think about before going remote-first?
  • Next, what does it look like to execute your remote-first plan?
  • And more…

How to find Emma Brudner and Reggora:

About Reggora:

Founded in 2016 and based in Boston, Reggora is a VC-backed technology company that is automating the residential valuation process.

They are working to remove the headaches from one of the most labor-intensive and time-consuming components of securing a mortgage: the appraisal. Their modern, two-sided platform for mortgage lenders and appraisal vendors streamlines the entire appraisal process to shorten turn times and upgrade the experience for everyone involved. Reggora handles payment processing, appraisal scheduling, automated underwriting, appraisal delivery, status updates, and more, creating original operational efficiency.

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About Employee Cycle:

Employee Cycle is changing the way HR leaders use data! We change their disconnected employee data into a user-friendly, centralized, and real-time People dashboard. We help companies view, track, and analyze their workforce data in one place. As a result, companies avoid risks, save costs, and increase their employee lifetime value.

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