Hue Vong, Human Resources Director at Colony Display, discusses how to know if and when employees should be promoted.

Give a warm welcome to today’s guest Hue Vong! Don’t skip this podcast, you have stars on your team. Today we will discuss how to know if and when your employees should be promoted.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • What does Hue think about the topic of promotion?
  • What type of players makes the best leaders?
  • Is there room for a C-Player to exist?
  • Are these tiers of A, B, and C players exist in different roles? Are they looked at the same way?
    And a lot more!

How to find Hue Vong and Colony Display:

Colony Display:

Founded in 1983 and based just outside of Chicago, Colony Display is a designer, manufacturer, and installer of highly customized consumer environments serving some of the top home improvements, retail, and hospitality companies.

Colony enriches the consumer experience by bringing its customer’s strategic vision to life, utilizing a highly specialized and experienced team that shares a collective commitment to providing elevated service solutions. Acute attention to detail combined with a heavy focus on efficiency allows them to stand out in our market, providing full-service delivery on our promises. Cultivating solutions that enhance the consumer experience is the Colony way.

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