On this episode of the Employee Cycle Podcast, we have Kelly González, Director of Employee Experience & DEI at Motive, joining us to discuss How HR Problems Are A Moving Target.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • First off, how did Kelly González end up in the wonderful world of HR? 
  • Secondly, are Kelly’s thoughts about the current state of HR, especially with massive layoffs going on in the tech industry?
  • Next, do a lot of employees feel like organizations don’t care about them as a person?  
  • Do employees understand (or even want to understand) how layoffs are such a challenge for HR teams?
  • What is the impact for the employees who don’t get laid off when their colleagues and friends do?
  • Burnout happens for many reasons. How does a company understand what the root causes of burnout are?
  • It’s been said that typical companies now have up to five generations represented within their workforce. What are some ways HR professionals can deal with different cultural norms and work expectations in different generations?
  • What is employee personalization? And is it a good direction for HR professionals to pursue? 

How to find Kelly González and Motive:

About Motive:

Motive, formerly KeepTruckin, builds technology to improve the safety, productivity and profitability of businesses that power the physical economy. We serve more than 120,000 businesses, across a wide range of industries including construction, field service, agriculture, trucking and logistics, delivery, and more.

At Motive, we are committed to building a company that creates products customers love and fostering a culture that enables people to do their best work. We are looking for people from all backgrounds who want to make an impact on the millions of businesses that power the physical economy.

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