Listen to John Baldino discuss why working in HR requires you to understand your entire business in order to become a real business partner.

John Baldino is the President of the HR consulting firm, Humareso.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why HR should be proud of the work they’re doing.
  • What does it take to be an excellent HR professional?
  • The best way for HR to show ROI in their company.
  • Why sometimes you just have to “sit down” if you want a seat at the table.
  • Why should HR understand every part of their company’s business?
  • What does SPS mean?
  • How to be a valuable HR strategic partner.
  • The best way for internal HR pros to engage with HR consultants.

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John Baldino “Can I get a What What” DisruptHR talk:

About the host: Bruce is co-founder and CEO of the HR dashboard Employee Cycle. When Bruce is not helping HR executives better understand the story behind their workforce data, he’s serving as Board Chair of the non-profit youth coding program Coded By Kids, making fun playlists on Spotify, and hunting down the best bread pudding in whichever city he’s in.

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